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How iOS update will affect both advertisers and users?

As marketers, we all knew that Apple has come up with a new iOS update “iOS 14″ and how it is going to impact whole digital marketing and our advertising strategies. The new iOS 14 update is now giving users the option to opt-out of data sharing every time they download an app. This will change the whole game because the advertisers have been dependent on data sharing both for paid search and paid social to gather data of the users.

By this update Apple focuses on app privacy, sharing policies, and activity tracking of a user and also grants users more control over their data.

In this article, we will go through how the iOS 14 updates will affect both advertisers and users.

How the update will impact advertisers-

 The update means that the users have the choice to give the approval to track their data. In the absence of this data, paid advertising has to suffer serious disturbance, although the exact impact of the update will only become known after the rollout of the update.

As expected, the update has given rise to countless questions from advertisers and app developers that are only now becoming clear.

How the update will impact users-

When users decide to disallow the app tracking, this new operating system will not allow advertisers to easily target them or exclude that user like we used to be able to. While some of the users may agree that this new update will give them more control over their privacy. Selecting the option of “Ask App not to Track” by the users will prohibit the application from collecting data about the things they click on, download, or purchase within the app in order to share it with other companies for advertising purposes.

In the coming days, the adoption rate of iOS 14 is going to increase and more users will allow for app tracking.

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